The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The last day of half term and I squeezed a few hours away from the office and my desk so we could go for a walk in North Wales.

The brief was to find somewhere we had not been before and where there would be no crowds.

I just about managed to get it right although there were a few nervous moments when we got lost in a wide open field within a hundred yards of where we needed to get to and were obliged to walk through someone’s back yard explaining that we were idiots from the city and lost, and then when we spent too long walking along a stretch of road and every other vehicle was heading for the local landfill site which we also walked past.

There were consolations as the landfill site gave rise to a huge flock of seagulls that circled over us for a while.

But the road was done with after a while and then there was a half hour stretch walking along The Shropshire Union Canal in quietness apart from the odd duck.

The canal took us over The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct – built in 1805 by Thomas Telford and running 130 feet over The Dee Valley – a wrought iron fence down one side and nothing down the other. The path was about two foot wide and the construction of it felt so light you could have been walking on air.

On the other side the path took us down into the valley so we could walk along the side of the river and then back up to the car.

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