Squid with potatoes

There is news from the eldest daughter doing a course in Art & Critical Practice at Brighton University. She had a lecture this week on David Bowie and were made to listen all the way through “Heroes”. It wasn’t like that doing law at Warwick. I clearly slipped off the path somewhere.

In an effort to get back on the path I have been digging up old records and we have spent this evening listening to the first side of an album by The Radar Bros. called The Singing Hatchet. As best I recall the second side is not as good.

Later we will listen to some sparse Townes Van Zandt.

And for food we are having a squid stew with potatoes.

The squid came from Wards this morning. As I bought it Simon told me he had been cleaning squid all morning so I reassured him I would do the cleaning myself. I have said it before but it is worth repeating there are few better ways of keeping a fishmonger happy than offering to clean your own squid.

It is a messy black handed job. But that was okay as I wanted some of the ink and the skin from the squid to stick so as to add a bit more flavour to the stew. I have I think talked before about the umami flavours that can be extracted from slow cooked squid. All those flavours are brought on if you keep with it some of the ink and the skin.


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