A walk to the west

If I have the need to go west then a walk to the end of the pier will do it.

The pier runs from the back of the Cottage.

Opposite the Butter House there is a splay of concrete from the road, a slipway that runs down at a steep slippy slope into the water, and then the pier, about 300 yards long, jutting out into Kitchen Cove and running west on a line parrellel to the back-bone of the peninsula as it heads off into the Atlantic and Dunmannus Bay as it narrows inland and the soft Cork countryside closes in on it until it peters out in Durrus.

The walk from the door of the Cottage to end end of the pier should take no more than one and half, maybe two minutes, but invariably more time is needed to take in stops along the way. A pause to look up the road towards the pub, time to put your hand against the metal railing that for part of the way stops you from falling into the water, to look at which boats are there, to take in the gulls stood on the top of which lamp-post, the reflection of trees in the water and the weather.

How much of your life could you allow to be spent in those few minutes and having got to the end where else would you want to go?DSCN1658

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