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Last week the first daffodils were out and this Saturday morning I have been down to end of the garden were we have a small pond that has been mostly taken over by reeds. Somehow a couple of goldfish have managed to survive in there for the last four or five years but I couldn’t see them this morning. Instead there was a large bulbous mass of frog spawn. Good to see that at least one of the frogs we had in the garden last year has been able to survive the cats.

Almost directly opposite the kitchen window there is a stone wall that is about eight feet tall. It is crumbling around the edges and every year I have to cut back the buddleia which seems able to penetrate every spare crack. There is an hole in the wall and over the last few days a couple of blue tits have been eyeing it up. It is just about out of reach of the cats although one year a cat did manage to position itself on the top of the wall directly above the hole and it came within a flick of its claw to putting to an end that years family until a sharp stone sent it on its way.

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