Glory be to God for dappled things

If there was a top list of unexpected sights then me on a bike might be up there in the top four or five. Despite that I managed an hour on the back of one this afternoon.

I was obliged to drop a child off in Caldy for three hours of swimming lessons so I shoved into the back of the car the now slightly rusty and cranky bike I bought more than ten years ago.

I left the car in West Kirby and started on the bike. I think, so far as bikes are concerned, so long as it is flat I feel reasonably comfortable. This may be part of the Dutch heritage. So  I was okay on the Wirral Way, a straight flat line of track with nothing to avoid but people.

The ride took me up to views over the Dee Estuary which was in full tide. Strange to see fishing boats out there.

Back at home we had chicken in a tomatoey, vinegar sauce courtesy of Simon Hopkinson.


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