Pinchos at home

So not having been back to Roja de Pinchos for the best part of two months I have gone second best and started making them at home.

It is not too difficult to do so long as you get the system right.

The first thing that you need is some good bread – ideally a long thin baguette that can be sliced up about half an inch thick and make up a mouthful.

Put the grill on and start toasting the slices of bread and then assemble the rest of the ingredients.

This meant a bunch of basil, some anchovies, olives, artichokes, mozzarella, peppers and most important of all a small pot of cocktail sticks.

Once the bread was toasted it then became a question of speed and putting together.

I used a basil leave as a base and then assembled the rest over the top in whatever combination came most quickly to hand and then pinning it all together with a cocktail stick.

We wolfed them down. Next time I will try them with some fried quail’s eggs.

Afterwards we had the chicken studded with olives, pickled lemons and harissa and crusty rice made with pitta.

We finished the chicken and rice off this evening in a sort of middle-eastern stir fry listening to Boz Scaggs.



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