Brighton in the sun and looking out for P.G.Woodhouse.

Saturday and the day was spent walking round and watching Brighton do its bit in the sun.

To the surprise of some I have not been to Glastonbury but I have an idea of what it looks like and in some respects I suspect that Brighton in the sun is not too far removed from a Glastonbury by the sea. Particularly as it was Record Shop Day and walking down one of the lanes there was a loud band set up playing their music to bemused onlookers and the lengthy queue waiting to get into one of the record shops to try find some rare piece of vinyl. The only difficulty with this being the queue was too long for me to do my own bit of searching for music to add to the collection.

Compensation came in the form of largest cache of second hand P.G. Woodhouse I have come across so far.

Whenever I am in the vicinity of some second hand books my first instinct to look see what cookbooks there might be and then I move onto the end of the fiction section to see if there are any P.G. Woodhouse. Considering he wrote some 99 books it is surprising how often I come up empty handed. But lurking on the bottom of a shelf in Snooper’s Paradise there was whole row of them. Too many to carry in one go so I had to pick and choose and I still managed to come away with a couple I had already leaving about ten new novels to read.

We then had a lunch of crab sandwiches sat near the beach before some us rested on their backs on the pebbles in the sun as I leafed through my purchasers.

Just one worrying thought – Nigel Farage is partial to a bit of P.G. Woodouse as well?

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