Buckets of rain

We must be well into Spring.

Thursday evening and there was enough light and heat left over from the day for me to light the small barbeque. The burgers came from the supermarket but they tasted better for being cooked outside. I had mine in a bun with a hot pickled pepper and a good dose of chilli sauce.

Then this morning I picked up the first of this years asparagus in the grocers.

But before that I got tipped upon by a bucketful of rain. I might as well have just jumped into a bath full of water. It came down so thick and heavy in such a short period of time I was soaked to the skin whilst walking a little over an hundred yards and then it was over leaving me dripping with wet.

Still dripping I went to the grocers and bought two bunches of thick green British asparagus. Back home I knew that we had some scrag ends in the back of the fridge left over from a pasta dish in the week.


A good bowl of asparagus soup only took a few moments to make.

An chopped onion and a couple diced potatoes were cooked in butter along with the scrag ends of asparagus and stems of the ones I had bought in the morning. I put the tips to one side.

As the onion started to soften I poured in a few pints of water and brought it all to a slow boil.

In the meantime I cooked the tips for a couple of minutes and refreshed them in cold water.

When the potatoes were cooked I put the soup through the Magimix. As I did that I fried off the asparagus tips in butter. Each bowl of soup was then decorated with a couple of tips.

We had it with crusty bread listening to more rain come down.

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