A first BBQ

We have just had the first proper barbeque of the year. I had bought the food for it yesterday but getting up this morning and listening to the rain hammering down I thought I was going to have to think again.

But mid-morning the rain stopped and there some flashes of blue sky and then after midday the sun started to come out and when it did there was proper heat in it.

So most of the afternoon was spent picking out weeds and trying to hold back the spread of ground elder. There was time to plant out some potatoes and to take ten minutes to fall asleep in the some of the heat.

Then it was time to light the barbeque. It all felt a bit creaky having been in the cellar for six months but having got the coals alight it was good to feel the heat of it curling up the hairs on the back of my hand.

We had:-

lamb chops marinaded in garlic, cumin and olive oil

chicken wings with harissa

veggie burgers

large field mushrooms steeped in oil, garlic and cherry tomatoes.

The sun shone bright as we ate listening to Tom Waits & Crystal Gail.

I should also mention the newt that flipped its tail and went back into the water back behind the frog’s head.

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