A burst of yellow in the garden and almost winning

This time next week we will have been living in this house for 15 years. The longest I have lived in any house.

Ever since we moved in come spring a great glow of yellow flowers has burst out of tree that stands in the back of the garden. There used to be a mistletoe hedge in front of it and for years all I noticed was the bright yellow against the deep green of the tree it grew out of and I thought they were all one and the same.

Then the fence over which the mistletoe grew collapsed and so we pulled it all down to make the garden bigger and I came to realise that the yellow flowers came from a laburnum tree that was somehow managing to grow through a yew tree.

The coming of the laburnum has been a great signifier of spring but that is then coloured with summer being around the corner when the yellow will fade in a few weeks time and we will be in June and coming to the longest day after which it all slowly starts to wind back again.

But before that happens we had the first burst of yellow in the garden today.



Some of us spent the weekend across a combination of Sussex, outside of Guildford, and then Brentwod in Essex.

That far south the seasons were two or three weeks more further advanced and as we sat in a garden on Saturday evening the high scent of some of the flowers were heady with intensity although one or two of us confused that smell with the smell of fields after feeding.

Sunday in Essex was spent in an old school hall watching children going through a further round of public speaking. The seven teams taking part were a culmination of some four hundred or schools from across the country that had started out on the competition.

Cora’s team came second which was a fantastic outcome from having watched the first round of the competition in a somewhat less grand class-room in Prenton.



Competition done it was a slow journey back to Birkenhead and the first burst of yellow in the garden.

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