Another Monday Evening

This Monday evening we had the remains of the best part of a roast chicken to finish off.

We ate it with fried potatoes, salad from the garden and a pungent green dressing cribbed from a Diane Henry book.

The dressing was made up of all the anchovy fillets I could find in the fridge (a total of five – a couple extracted from a jar and the rest from a couple of opened tins), a small handful of capers, a small bunch of parsley, basil and mint, a couple of cloves of garlic and the juice of a lemon. This was all put into a blender and as I pulsed it I poured in enough olive oil to turn it into a thick sauce. It didn’t need salt but I stirred in a few grinding of pepper.

To eat the salad was put on a plate, followed by the the potatoes and chicken. The sauce was slathered on top.

It was pungent enough to cheer up a grey and wet evening.

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