So this evening it appears we have fallen out with the neighbours.

For most of the day it has been grey and cold and late in the afternoon I was able to fall asleep in the hammock with a warm sun on my face. The warmth has carried through to the evening but we are all sat indoors windows and doors closed trying to keep out the noise from next door.

It might have been okay if the music was okay to listen to but they appear to have dragged in a warbler over an overloud guitar singing feckin’ Oasis sub covers. We do not need this on a Saturday night.

There has of course been a temptation to show them some proper music and give out a good full blooded blast of Rocket from the Crypt. But the temptation has been resisted so far.

Instead we have had a good supper of salmon with pasta.

Four smallish salmon steaks poached in white wine skin side down until cooked through enough so the skin could be peeled off then taken out and put to one side.

Garlic was then fried in the pan in olive oil for a minute before a couple of handfuls of halved cherry tomatoes were added with the white wine in which the salmon had been cooked. As that came to a simmer I stirred in a tub of  creme fraiche and a similar tub of creamed cheese.

In the meantime pasta had been cooking.

A few minutes before the pasta was cooked I cut the salmon steaks into chunks and stirred them into the sauce.

It was then a question of seasoning with lots of salt, pepper and dill. And listening quietly to some kick ass rock’n’roll.

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