Sea trout

After an ill-tempered sleep last night I tried to catch up this afternoon in the hammock.

I was close to it when my body forgot where it was and I tried to turn over and almost found myself on the ground. Before I could get back to it I felt the first drops of rain and beat it back inside.

Before that I spent some time de-cluttering. First to go was the 12 month pile of post that has been gathering on the table in the hall. It was then onto the fridge which yielded three opened half empty tins of sweet corn, three jars of almost empty red pesto, a full jar of pickled chilli slices and two half full jars, two half full jars of grain mustard and two half full jars of mayonnaise. There was also a small tub of yogurt with a use by date of September 2014 and various tubs and jars covered in a grey layer of mould.

No doubt they will all be back this time next year when I get round to doing it again.

To make up for all that bad old food we had a wild sea trout this evening cooked on the BBQ.

It was presented to me yesterday morning as an offer that was too difficult to refuse. A modest monster of a fish that just needed to be roasted for an hour or so before being eaten with a good sauce.

The sauce was a sala verde mayonaise from the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall book on fish. I started off making it in the food processor but that split badly so I had to set to work again with a strong right hand and a whisk. Turns out that initial failure works well as we were left with a thick unctuous lubrication that was almost good enough to eat by itself.

There will be enough sea trout for fish cakes tomorrow. In the meantime we are listening to devastating flamenco.

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