It was me feeding just the youngest daughter this evening and she had put in some orders. Either it was to be noodles (just noodles that’ll be fine) or a plate of potato waffles and some spaghetti hoops and then Dad something sweet to go with it – something like chocolate yogurt.

So on the way home there was a half tin of spaghetti hoops and a small box of potato waffles in my basket when I spotted some ribs going cheap. There was enough in the house to make up good gloop to go with them so the waffles and hoops went back on the shelf and I came home with the ribs.

The gloop was made up of an odd assortment of condiments scattered around the cupboards in the kitchen all loosened up with some beer stirred up with grated onion and garlic and then stirred in amongst the ribs.

After an hour in the oven at too high a heat they were eaten with chips and declared the best ribs ever.

After an hour spent cooking at too high a heat in the oven they were de

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