Catching up with hake

Ostensibly the second hand daughter is a vegetarian but since she has been spending her  summer in Ireland there have been reports that fish has been had. More particularly hake has been eaten.

I can remember a hake dish I had in The good Things Cafe years ago.There was a pungent mixture of potatoes and tomatoes on onions on top on which a large slice of hake had been cooked.

I tried to create something similar this evening.

I started with a few par boiled potatoes. These were cut up into chunks and fried in olive oil over a high heat. As they took on colour some sliced onions were added. Then some garlic and then a combination of things from last night – a half dozen cherry tomatoes, a large grilled red pepper, some capers and a few chopped hot Turkish peppers. All this was seasoned with salt, pepper and ground coriander.

By this time then oven was on a high heat. The potato mixture was tipped into a terracotta bowl, drizzled with olive oil and went into the oven. Five minutes later I took it out to lay the two fillets of hake on top.

Twelve minutes later I switched on the grill and gave the skin of the hake a last drizzle of oil so it would crisp up.

We ate it listening to The American Music Club.

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