Listening to Frazey Ford

Last night was the last music club before we all break up for the summer. It was warm enough to sit outside so we did in a garden in the wilds of the Wirral until the rain came down sometime before midnight and we were rushed inside by the wet in a kerfuffle of beer, food and wires.

We listed to Patti Smith, Nick Drake, Bobby Womack and Ibeyi amongst other things. But the highlight was Frazey Ford’s cool languid songs which seemed to melt into the evening.We shall be listening to her a lot this summer.

I made four different pinchos for us to nibble over round the beer.

  • olives, cocktail onions, hot Turkish peppers and anchovies
  • artichokes, cherry tomatoes and olives
  • Feta cheese,  cherry tomatoes and black olives
  • roasted red pepper, cherry tomatoes, hot Turkish peppers and olives.

Very good they were to.

4 thoughts on “Listening to Frazey Ford

  1. As always Ralph, an excellent heads up – now enjoying Frazey Ford – with a pint of ‘Old Golden Hen’ a fine Morland ale. England are spanking the Austrailians – Alexa is smashing me at bat gammon! Very Hot in Holland in comparison to Bogota…

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