The last days of summer

Was Sunday the last day of summer? There was that feel about it as the grey clouds and rain of the morning cleared to leave us blue skies and a sun that still carried some heat as it beat down out of the shadows.

We went for a walk around Caldy Hill, parking the car in West Kirby and then walking back round the back of Ashton Park and up a steep set of sandstone steps up to the foot of a The Sailor’s Monument.

In the park on the lake half a dozen model sailing boats were being steered round a course by a group of serious minded men with remote controls.

Up on the hill and looking out over The Dee the dinghies looked equally small crowding round whatever course they were sailing on.

Back home we lit a BBQ and ate pork chops marinaded in garlic and paprika, potato salad and baby spinach and pitta dressed in pomegranate and sumac sat down and taking in the last of the evening sun whilst it was still there to make us blink

image image image image image image image image

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