Jansson’s Temptation (and smoked haddock)

There are some potatoes in the basement that need eating up and I got given a book on cooking with onions for my birthday last month so it seemed a good idea to combine the two for supper this evening. The book was spotted in the window of 69A on Renshaw Street and strangely enough is called Onions Without Tears by Lyndsey Bareham and goes with the books she has written devoted to just the potato and the tomato.

I put the potatoes through the match stick setting on the mouli and spread half them across the bottom of a large buttered dish. Finely sliced onions were added along with a couple of bay leaves and some anchovies and plenty of salt and pepper. The rest of the potatoes went on top. A punnet of cream was poured over and the top was dotted with more butter and salt and pepper before going into a hot oven.

After half an hour or so I laid some thick fillets of smoked haddock on top. It has gone back in the oven for another half hour. Bad timing with the start of the rugby but it should be very good.

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