Making use of the ham

I may have mentioned over the weekend that I had some Spanish ham to use up. Having sliced most of what I could from the ham I went at it with a stumpier knife and ended up with two piles not counting the bones. The first pile was of yellowing fat and the second was chunks of ruby red meat.

I used some it up last night.

I started by cutting pieces of the fat into small cubes half the size of my thumb. These went into a heavy pan with some hot olive oil and were left to sizzle whilst I cut up some of the chunks of  of meat into similar sized cubes. These were then added to the pan with the sizzling fat and were given a stir.

A large onion was then finely sliced and added to with the fat and the meat along with some garlic and chilli, a bay leaf and plenty of salt and pepper.

Once the onion had soften a tin of chopped tomatoes was stirred in and allowed to bubble for a few minutes. Finally a couple of tins of white cannellini beans were drained and stirred in. They all cooked through whilst I fried off some boiled potatoes to eat with them.



We could have been sat in a Spanish taverna as we ate it taking in the smell of ham fat and burnt potato.

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