Eating courgette flowers

There has been a suggestion that I maybe getting too old to keep posting up pictures of myself with a courgette flower in my mouth all available for the world to see.


That may be right – but I can think of no better way to go about picking up something straight from the ground and putting it into your mouth. There is always a hint of danger about because who knows if a baby slug or snail may have curled itself up and hidden away in one of the slight kinks or there may be a gobbet of soil thrown up by rain waiting to  act as grit against teeth.

But get one free of those hinderances and you have a small treat like no other. There is crunch and cleanliness and a slight peppery taste with hints of parmesan and the taste of the dirty soil.

We ate a roast chicken this evening stuffed with garlic, with roast potatoes and carrots and gravy. Does man know of a better meal.

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