Listening to Courtney Barnett

Friday night and the youngest daughter and I seem to have covered a lot of ground including a general discussion around last night’s Question Time and the general unpleasantness of Rod Liddle.

By way of compensation she put in an order for pasta bake, chocolate and coke, and I cooked a partridge.

The partridge was browned in hot oil for a few minutes. Chopped ham was added along with a sliced onion. It was all allowed to cook. As it took on colour a good shake of sherry vinegar went in, followed by some white wine, a bay leave and few strands of saffron. As that started to cook a diced potato went in along with a carrot which had undergone similar treatment. A few pine-nuts were shaken over just before the lid went on for an hour under a low heat.

Ten minutes or so before we ate I stirred in a handful of chopped kale. It was all very good and we listened to Courtney Barnett.

There was also a lot of garlic along the way – fresh from the garden. Let us hope we can have some next year after the bastard squirrels have been at work at what was planted last weekend.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Courtney Barnett

  1. We had partridge cooked to EXaCtly the same as yours just substituting cabbage for kale! Recipe cut out of a long forgotten newspaper, you must have done the same! Love from us both Gill

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    • But were you listening to Courtney Barnett? She is a great new feisty Australian singer/songwriter – Sarah should be out there buying up all of her records!.

      My recipe came from a book by Margot Henderson who probably got it from the same newspaper clip. We have a lot of kale in the garden that needs eating up and I appear to be the only one that eats Ralph

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