Another tomato soup

When I get round to writing a book about the food that I cook from the K & N the greengrocers on Oxton Road it will start with a recipe for tomato soup.

Most Saturday mornings they will have a box of tomatoes for £2.99. They maybe a bit rough round the edges but if they are going to be cooked within an hour or so of coming home they don’t need to be too fine. So long as they are giving of their juices and are cooked with something that will boost their flavour they will be worth every penny.

I bought a box this morning and we have just finished some of the cooking of it for lunch.

Olive oil was heated in a large pan before I tipped in a couple of chopped onions, a chopped aubergine and some garlic and chilli. This continued on a high heat until it all started to soften and brown. Flavouring was added in the form of a few sage leaves, a bay leave and a good spoonful of caraway seeds.

I then tipped in the tomatoes.I cut some of them in half but I would have been there for the rest of the day if I had tried to do the lot. Once they were in the pan I stabbed at them for five minutes with a long spare knife. This was just enough to get them going.

The soup was done after 45 minutes and just needed go through a mouli to extract the skin and seeds. I then put half of it through a sieve to make it a bit smoother.

We ate it with chunks of day old bread and feta cheese.

Outside the wind blew. All day long and it feels we have not got through it being dark yet. So we will be sitting inside listening to Bill Ryder Jones.

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