A Milleen Cheese sandwich for lunch

Two years later I have found another small round of out of date Milleen and it tasted as good for lunch today as it did last time I had it. A deep and lingering smell. I will be finishing it off tomorrow!

Sheep's Head Food Company

Digging around in the back of the fridge for something to put in my lunch time sandwich I came across a small round of Millleen cheese that had somehow missed out on being eaten amongst the various food stuffs we brought back from Cork at Easter.

It was a couple of months past its best before date but that didn’t matter. It just meant my fingers carried with them a slightly more pungent smell with them after I had made up the sandwich than they might otherwise have done. It was good to catch a whiff every so often sat at my desk through the morning so I could look forward to lunch.

A few years ago I picked up via eBay a copy of The Observer Guide to British Cookery by Jane Grigson. It includes a memorable description of a trip to the farm where Milleen was, and is still…

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