A slow lunch at Lunya

It seems like is has been a while since we have been there but it turns out Lunya was a great place for 13 of us to while away a couple of hours the day after Boxing Day.

We started with some culture and spent an hour or so walking through the Tate. The highlight was a room made of three mirrored walls with a small hidden camera and a small screen. The camara started filming a few seconds after you walked into the room so there was a delay before the picture came up the screen. When it did so there were two or three reflected images on the screen showing the puzzled look on our faces as we walked in wondering what it was all about.

When I called to make the booking at Lunya there was a slight delay as they counted through the numbers and then said they could fit us in.

Sat down we all had a menu in front of  but the easier option was for me to through and mark each dish with the the number we needed.

The food came in waves; sweet ham, red peppers stuffed with tuna mayonnaise, thick chunks of tortilla, toast slathered in grilled vegetables, ox cheeks with a parsnip purée, squid and chicken in crispy batter and lashing of patatas bravas.

We were all happily replete as we walked back out into the late afternoon sun.

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