Some random thoughts

So far as I can tell my first memory of David Bowie is the cover of Aladdin Sane in the window of a reord shop in West Kirby. I can remember the shock of the bright red hair, the zig-zag lightening streak across the face, the androgyny and pink make up.



A few years letter someone at school had the album and then there was the shock of the word “wanking” – although nowhere near as shocking, and satisfying as New Boots &  Panties.

Someone else had a compilation album which I think was called Changes and a black and white cover. That album had all the songs on that I needed to hear and even now it is the songs I heard on that I am drawn to.

I can remember him doing Boys Keep Swinging on Top of the Pops.

The first album I bought was Scary Monsters and in some ways it was the last one I bought as well. After that I picked up over the years most of what he released during the 70’s and I have accumulated a few other waives and strays along the way. But Scary Monsters was the only one I bought as it came out. It is 35 years old now and almost unplayable. The sound could be coming from the depths of a deep pond. Over the years I have meant to pick up a clean copy but have never got round to it.

The start of Station to Station is still extraordinary. We had it on this evening and the kids were lost wondering just what that noise was.

Three years ago we were lying in bed listening to the Today programme and there was a real jolt when they announced that David Bowie had released a new album. Somehow I haven’t got round to buying it yet.

There was a greater jolt when we were lying in the same bed and listening to the same programme to be told that he had died.

Looking through the records I am surprised at how few I have got. But there has never really been a need to have them. The music is always so embedded it is there anyway especially those songs from the Changes compilation.


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