Captain’s beef stew with beer and potatoes

Yesterday I spent the best part of two and a half hours in a large dark room with a hundred or so other people in the company of The Revenant. I am still undecided. There was lots that was beautiful to look at and plenty of gratuitous violence but does all that make a good film. After a while I found myself wishing they would just get on with it and do away with all the snow filled vistas and ponderous music.

This morning I had some sympathy for the writer who suggested that all it boiled down to was two and half hours waiting for someone to be killed with an axe.

Putting all  that to one side the cold and grey outside put me in mind of something warming to eat.

I was given for Christmas a book of Nordic cooking. Amongst the recipes for smoked puffin and seal guts I found a recipe for a Captain’s beef stew with potatoes and beer.

We will be eating it this evening. A mixture of beef, onion and potato browned in butter and pig fat and cooked for a few hours on low heat. It should be good.

1 thought on “Captain’s beef stew with beer and potatoes

  1. The Revenant sounds like standard Hollywood fare. I don’t know why anyone bothers with this kind of stuff any more.
    Your Nordic fare looks as if it will be much better. I’m sure you wil let us know.

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