Bad habits

One of my many bad habits is to make sure, once the bill has been paid in a restaurant, that the bill ends up in my pocket. From there it will find its way into my wallet and eventually end up in a tin that has stood on the window ledge in our bedroom for the last ten years.

I started on the habit without realising what I was doing and then one day I found myself with twenty or creased bills in my pocket. It seemed a shame to throw them away so I kept them. One of the first of these bills was from a restaurant called Las Huertas which we found down a side street in Santiago de Compestella. I have it front of me now and see that I ate octopus followed by Bacalao Huertas which I guess must have been the house salt cod. I am sure it was very good.

The tin has been filling up so this evening I took out the bills to put them in some order and stick them down in a book.

So far I have got to 2011. What is most marked is how they have lost character over the years. It is rare now to get a bill written out in such neat hand-writing as the one we got from Las Huertas. Now they all printed out and time and date stamped.

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