There were boxes of tomatoes stacked up on my left as I walked into the grocers this morning. Kazim made me taste one, they were so good, he said. It wasn’t long since I had cleaned my teeth and it tasted sharp against the mouthwash of mint. £3.99 a box, he said. So I bought one.

We had some of them for lunch sliced and stuffed in warm pitta with onions and chicken, cucumber, yogurt and hot chilli sauce.


I will cook the rest of them down tomorrow and use them to bolster an Eagle themed chilli sauce.

This evening I cooked a handful of them as part of a seafood pasta. Mussels, squid, prawns and scallops cooked with their own juices with a couple of razor clams thrown in for those who enjoy chewing on salty rubber bands. There was olive oil as well together with garlic, chilli and white wine and all held together with a bag of tagliatelle.

Now listening to Ray Charles doing his modern sounds in country music. Is there a cooler record anywhere?


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