Getting ready for a big birthday

We are celebrating an upcoming birthday this weekend. There will be fair amount of Prosecco and good food drunk. There is a danger that some of the Prosecco will be coloured with some dark pink rhubarb flavoured vodka that has been lurking in the cellar these last few months.

The food will include hunks of toasted bread smeared with bright garlicky green rocket and walnut pesto. I have just made it now in readiness. Bags of rocket from the grocer mixed with walnuts, garlic, good cheese and plenty of olive oil.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for a big birthday

  1. Ralph – please can you help us set up a blog??? It seems easy but I still cannot do it!! Because we have already signed up to various blogs, our email addresses are already used which seems to make it more complicated! We’re still trying but maybe can talk abut it with you sometime Thanks Julia

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