Keefing on the right side of the neighhbours

I like dirty guitars so is there any greater sound on earth than Keith Richards in his pomp taking his guitar and some poor, innocent riff to the limit of their endurance and just when you think it is all over lifting his arm up to do it it all over again with Charlie Watts in the background hammering an almighty noise out of the smallest of drum kits and ideally Mick Taylor not too far away adding colour?

I hope that the neighbours agree because I have been home alone the last few days and Friday night is my last opportunity to let some noise bounce up from off the floor-boards before the family are back and the volume knob on my amplifier slips a few incremental moves to the left.

Amidst the noise I have been cooking some chicken. There wasn’t time to marinade the chicken thighs over night but they had an hour or with some grated ginger and garlic, fish sauce, sugar and chilli.

The thighs have been fried in oil until coloured and then removed, a sliced onion then went through its paces in the same pan and was taken out to join the chicken. Some more sugar and and water was then brought to a boil in the same pan and as it was about to burn everything was tipped back in together with a good slug of stock.

It is bubbling away now and some good rice is on the go and in the background the Stones are breaking down The Midnight Rambler.

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