A little known secret

It is a little known secret that one of the best accompanists for a plate of fried potatoes is some garlic.

We have been eating it this evening and apparently it is good.

Potatoes are boiled whole until there is some give in them with s sharp knife. As they are done they are taken off to drain. As they do so they continue to cook in the heat they have taken on. Once they are almost cool enough to handle they are chopped into quarters (or eighths depending on size) and slid into a pan the bottom of which has been covered in oil. As they take on colour they are turned over so that a couple of sides at least have started to brown. Just before serving a couple of cloves of crushed garlic is stirred in along with a bunch of finely chopped spring onion.

We ate the potatoes with a chicken that had been cut into pieces, fried and the roasted with some grilled peppers.

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