An evening in the alternative streets

We were back amongst the alternative streets for an hour or yesterday evening.

The various artists had been organised by Alternator Studios based in a disused bakery situated just down from the junction with Balls Road and Oxton Road. We had been told that a performance would be taking place at 5.45 but we were not quite sure what would be happening.

Inside the bakery it was good to see an old building being put back into use but with traces left from its former life including the heavy metal door to the bread oven green with age. We recognised some of the faces that we had seen walking up and down Oxton Road that morning and there was some catching up on what had gone on over the day.

The performance was a reading by Liverpool writer Jeff Young. He had spent a week with Frank Cavanagh the cobbler and wrote about the A552, the road that now carves its way through Birkenhead, and the memories and ghosts that lie under it.

Back at home we ate bulgar wheat burgers, garlicky lamb chops and a salad of chickpeas and Turkish peppers.

We also had three artichokes cooked in simmering water until soft and the eaten with our fingers. We chewed at the base of the leaves and then pulled them apart to get to the choke.

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