Roti King

I missed the 2.00 o’clock train back to Liverpool so I had an hour to kill at Euston this afternoon. Euston is going through a bit of a makeover on the moment and there are a few more places to eat there now. None of them tempted me and I wasn’t sure how wise it would be kill the hour in The Euston Tap. A call home reminded me that there had been a write up in The Guardian some months ago of a fabled place within spitting distance of the station where a man styled the roti king did marvellous things with pliable dough and good curry.

I was given vague directions and set off to find it. Unfortunately the directions were too vague and I was a mile up the wrong road before I sought assistance. For future reference there is no need to go all the way up Eversholt Street. All you need do is cross it and you should find yourself on Doric Street. There on the left hand side you will see a misleading sign to a Chinese restaurant. Go down the steps and push open the door and you are there.

It s a hole in the wall sort of place, a half dozen or so low tables, stools to sit on and a squashed kitchen on the left hand side as you walk in. I sat down and was given my menu and chose my food.

A roti is a type of Asian flat bread but that does not do justice to what was being created in there. I had managed to sit so my back was to where I wanted to see but looking over my shoulder I was able to see enough of what was going on.

The roti king was a tall man stooped over his work top. The roti started as small white balls of dough that were quickly rolled to a gossamer thinness and then spun through the air with a flick of fingers before being cooked on a hot griddle. They came to the table on a plate with a small bowl of chicken curry and all I had to do was take up the bread in my fingers and dredge up the curry sauce and take it up to my mouth. It was very good.


There was even time after I had finished to slip in a quick pint in The Euston Tap before I caught the 3.00 o’clock train.

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