Getting emotional over chicken

Six and a half years ago we were in Borough Market and I had made my way over to Brindisi  looking for good Spanish food to buy and take home. I ended up buying a 1 kilo tin of paprika. It has sat by the oven ever since and normally gets opened once or twice a week so that some of its magic can be added to whatever I might be cooking.

The use by date passed years ago but that didn’t seem to make too much difference to the flavour.

I used up the last of it today on some chicken thighs bought from The Farmers Market. The thighs were fried in a pan that I had used last night to fry up some potatoes and garlic. The bits of burnt garlic stuck to the bottom of the pan added to the taste.

Once the thighs were done they were sliced up and we ate them stuffed into a baguette with Turkish peppers, salad, onion and tomato.

It is likely they will be the last chicken thighs I will be able to buy from The Farmer’s Market.



The chicken stall will be there in April but we will be away. In the circumstances it seemed sensible to stock up and there are now four fat chickens downstairs in the freezer. I will have to eke them out over the course of the next few months.

I got the fifth chicken for tomorrows lunch.

Over the years I have barely exchanged a half dozen words with the two men who work the stall but today I told them they would be missed in the market and that I would miss their very fine chicken.

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