A frog chorus

Spring must be here.Walking out into the garden the sun was out and there was a particular brightness in the air.

Yesterday afternoon when I had walked out into the garden there was a noticeable plopping as I got close to the pond but no sign of what might have been responsible as I got close enough to see.

I was more circumspect with my approach this afternoon and was rewarded first with the low burping sound of frogs in rut and then with the sight of them heads up through the weed. I think one of them might have been a toad, it was thicker and more robust than the others.

Some of the frogs had an obese look about them as they hung on the surface. They were less bothered by my approach and I assume they were females about to release their spawn. Hopefully by next weekend the pond will slick with spawn.

This evening we have had our last chicken. I furtled under the skin of its breast to stuff it with garlic, butter and herbs and then left it to roast. It was particularly good with roast potatoes and carrots boiled with honey.

And in the meantime the first of the bluebells had come out.

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