Alternative careers in Campsie

First day in we walked up the road to Campsie town centre and were pleased to see one or two buildings offering the possibility of an alternative career in Sydney.



A few hundred yards along we came across an indoor fruit and veg market almost as good as K & N in Birkenhead. Five rows of deep shelving stretching back into a long room each rack given over to a particular type of fruit or veg which in turn gave rise to a great block of bright colour.There was nothing different or that unusual in there apart from lemon grass almost 18 inches along and and apples stained pink with Chinese lettering.

Further along we came across shop windows filled with deep red duck and chicken hanging over trays of tripe and duck heads, jelly fish and what looked like the various innards of pig. In Between the shops there were restaurants from every corner of South East Asia, Malayasian,Vietnamese and Chinese with some of the Chinese places selling brilliantly white buns.


Above all this the tops of some of the shop fronts could have come from Birkenhead.




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