A late lunch at Doyle’s

There have been two disadvantages with were we are staying in Sydney. The firtst is to do with the breakfast they serve at the Tara Guesthouse. They are so big and stuffed with so many courses that it is difficult to find room for any more food until late afternoon. It is true that yesterday we managed to squeeze in a lunch at Sailors Thai Canteen but we didn’t eat until 3.30 and we were all quite happy to limit ourselves to the one course.
This mornings breakfast started with fruit (melon, figs, passion fruit, strawberries and blue berries), yogurt and muesli, followed by Chinese steamed dumplings and then scrambled eggs, bacon, three different types of sausage (white sausage, black pudding and chorizo), potato cakes, mushrooms, roast tomatoes, smoked salmon and pancakes. All washed down with good coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.
The second disadvantage comes from the fact there are apparently some 400 odd good eating places all within easy walking distance. So not only are we too stuffed to eat anything but there is so much choice we hardly know where to begin. Even on the 10 minute walk to the station there must be at least 30 places to eat and that is just on the one side of the street. They are a mixture of Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian and all other points between including a place that specialises in meatballs and another in smoked meats. The frustration is that we haven’t time to even scratch at the surface of all these places – although last night, having had our very good Thai lunch, we found somewhere doing some of the best pizzas we have had in a long time, cooked in a vast red wood fired oven so the dough came out blistered and chewy.

We got over these difficulties today by leaving the eating of lunch until the early evening and then having it far away from from the vast cornacopia of choice on our doorstep.
The day started with our taking our full bellies on a ferry to Watson Bay to catch a bus to Bondi with a view to our then doing a stretch of the coast walk. As the ferry pulled in to the landing I saw an awning marked Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant and I commented that it had been recommended.
We walked on and caught our bus and then did the walk from Bondi. There was a wind up and the water came in great roiling breakers off the sea breaking up off the cliffs and filling the sir with a fine spray. We made it as far as the beach at Bronte. There we parked ourselves on the sand and some of us bounced in the waves whilst others got their feet wet.

I had thought that we would be getting the bus back from there into the City. But it transpired I had not been paying attention and the plan was that we would walk back. So as the sun started to go down we found ourselves back in Watson Bay. It was so late in the afternoon that we were just about over breakfast so we made our way over to Doyle’s and asked if they had a table. They were just about able to fit us in. It wasn’t an outside table but we were next to an open window. I had a mixed plate of fried seafood and chips, an oyster, a large prawn and a claw. Elsewhere someone said that these were the best fish and chips she had ever had.

We just about caught the last ferry back the lights of Sydney rushing up towards us across the vast bay..



1 thought on “A late lunch at Doyle’s

  1. Hi All looks very ,very good. Is it possible to put caption under photos? All we see is “Olympus Digital Camera”. It would be great to know where they are of. Looks a great trip Lots of love to you all Mum and Dad O and O

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