A Roadkill Burger at Mason’s Cafe

First day in Cape Tribulation we drove back five minutes down to Mason’s Store. We had read about it as a place for good burgers and even better there was croc free pool where it would be possible to cool yourself off in clear cold water without there being any danger of ending up as lunch.

The pool was a minutes walk from the road past a box inviting us to contribute a gold coin by way of fee. Presumably this was to pay the man who made sure that there were sufficient Belgium tourists and dogs to keep the crocodiles happy so there was no need for them to visit the creek and spoil the fun for all those in the watering hole. The pool had been half made by a wall of stones that had been laid across the creek. We had to push past vines and thorns to get there and then stumble across the shallows to a suitable disrobing place.

The water was cool out of the heat and there was a sudden lurch as we realised that at one point the pool was so deep our feet did not touch the bottom.

We then made our way  back to the cafe and a road kill burger that may or may not have contained some of the crocodile recently removed from the pool.




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