Running in zig zags



I had it on reasonably good authority that the best way to avoid being eaten by a crocodile was to run in zig zags. So if facing a hungry croc the idea is that the potential victim turns his or her back on all those teeth and sets of at a gentle trot every so often changing direction. The idea being, I assume, that a croc can only run in straight lines, so it will set off at a barrelling pace after you for its lunch but once it has built up a sufficient head of speed it will be caught by either a zig or a zag and before know it the intended victim can breathe a sigh of relief and come to a halt as the errant croc loses sight of you in all the confusion.

I had cause to have a go trying this out whilst walking along the beach at Cape Tribulation.

There were plenty of signs warning of danger on the way down to the beach. The signs were erected to make clear that crocs had been spotted in the area so there was a risk of being eaten. Accordingly I kept my eyes and ears peeled especially when crossing the many creeks that ran through the sand into the sea. Then as I crossed one there was a distinct and loud plop, the sound of a large and scaly foot entering water. I turned to go and got ready to zig zag. There was another plop and I started out on my first zig. As I did so it occurred to me that before setting out on the zag I should probably make sure that the system had failed and I had simplex zagged myself into the crocs direct line of travel. So I looked back.



Turned out the plops I had been hearing was the sound of sand slipping down the sides of the creek into the water.

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