A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the number of places there were from which food could be had in. Newtown. Having walked through Campsie early on a Friday evening I can say that there are more places squeezed into any odd corner per square foot to be had. The only difference being that in Campsie the food is more often than not to be from somewhere in Asia.

We had started the morning off hoping for something Malaysian and were set on a place called Kopi Hawker Street Food. We went past it on the bus this morning and it was apparent that it was no longer in business. It transpired there were at least two other Malaysian restaurants in Campsie. We were booked into one of them and when we arrived to take our places in the evening it appeared that the place was full.

No matter. We were whisked through the kitchen and all it’s chattering metal and past the solitary toilet with its rubber mat on the floor to a room in the back where there was a table big enough for the nine of us.

The menus was brightly coloured and ran to more than a dozen pages and it was inevitable that we ordered too much food. The table was groaning with it but we ate our way through.

The only pity is for the poor fellow passengers destined to spend 24 hours cramped in our company tomorrow on the way home.

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