A long (but good) weekend

That has been a long weekend.

Saturday was spent travelling to London, looking at art and eating oysters all before drinking beer and eating ribs and then dancing until the early hours of the morning to Prince and other collected disco greats.

The art including our tramping along a walk given over to Princess Diana and being given the opportunity to admire a rack of red shoes.

Perhaps not surprisingly Sunday was spent on recovery and travelling back up north.

The Bank Holiday Monday started with me discovering what the squirrels had done with some of the tulip bulbs they dug up from the couple of dozen I planted under the apple tree. There is a perfect tulip growing in the moss and detritus that lives on the garage roof. It is just a pity that the only place it can be seen is the loo.

Elsewhere the garden is still full of bluebells and I spent some of the afternoon planting out the veg patch. There is now a mixture of salad, artichokes and beetroot out there about to sacrifice themselves up as food for the pigeons.

Food has been lamb burgers with pistachio nuts, tomato salad and good flat bread.


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