Probe Records

I took some records down to London with me last weekend. They were due for onward transmission to Brighton where a new record player had been acquired and was sat in a kitchen waiting for something to be played on it.

The records had been extracted from the few thousand that reside in the attic. Over the years a number of collections have been passed on to me and I had been able to fillet out a few duplicates that would not be missed too much.

They were a motley collection and had amongst them a Liza Minelli live album, Making Movies by Dire Straits, a couple of Talking Heads albums and Ian Drury’s New Boots & Panties.

To get them down to London I used an old bag from Probe Records and took a silent bet with myself as to whether it would get a comment as it spent a day travelling around London.

I won.

We were on the Tube heading towards Liverpool Street when the man sat opposite cocked an eye at the bag and asked, “Is Probe Records still going?”

I was able to reassure him that it was still going strong. It transpired that the last time he had been there Pete Burns and his hair was still working behind the counter insulting the customers on Mathew Street.


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