A first BBQ

We had our first BBQ of the year today. It was a slow affair.

A couple of weeks ago I had trimmed back the sage from where it sits just out on the patio. It seemed a shame to throw away the trimmings, so I put them under the lid of the BBQ until such time as I was ready to put them into good use. That time came today.

There was some preparation before hand.

Garlic was crushed and then chopped into a mix of sage and rosemary, fennel and chilli, and then squeezed into the nether regions of a lump of pork. A coleslaw was made with white cabbage and carrot and a slick dressing of olive oil and garlic and chilli was made for some grilled veg.

Once the BBQ was alight I moved around the bunches of dried sage so it gave off good smoke.

The first thing to cook were slices of aubergine slathered in oil. They went onto the hottest corners and had to be turned over every five minutes or so to stop them from burning. Once they were done they went into the dressing of oil, garlic and chilli.

The pork then went onto the grill and was more or less left for the hour or so it needed to cook.

In the the meantime fried potatoes were made together with a bowlful of white beans.

We ate it with some smacking of lips and it was only a couple of hours after the event that I remembered the coleslaw!


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