Breast of lamb

This could almost be my favourite time of year when the laburnum blossom comes out in bright yellow through the green of the yew tree at the bottom of the garden and there is still some blue across the ground before the last of the bluebells die back.

On Saturday the butchers at The Farmer’ Market were selling spring lamb and one of them had two lamb breasts on the counter. He let me have them both for the grand sum of £2.50.

We had them earlier in the week.

They first of all spent a couple of hours in a low oven over a couple of sliced onions, a diced carrot, some water and covered in foil. It was quite late in the evening when they went in so I kept them in the cooling heat of the oven overnight.

The following night I was able to slip out the bones and I sliced the meat into slips the size of a thick finger.

Each slip was then glazed in a mixture of egg and mustard before being smothered in breadcrumbs.

They then went into a hot oven until the breadcrumbs started to catch some colour. The oven was then switched to a grill and a touch of melted butter was splashed over them.

We ate them with crisp green salad and cherry tomatoes.

Along the way a salad was made with radishes and red onions.


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