Crab linguine with tomatoes

Yesterdays lunch was so good I need to make a full note of how I made it.

We had crab linguine a couple of weeks but it was made better by adding a few tomatoes.

So put water on to boil in a large pan.

Take one dressed crab and scoop it it out into a bowl then added one finely chopped red onion, four good sized tomatoes that have skinned and deseeded and then chopped fine, two squashed and chopped cloves of garlic, half a sliced red chilli, the juices of one lemon, a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley and dill, plenty of salt and pepper and enough olive oil to make it all sloppy.

The water should be boiling now, salt it and put in a bag of linguine and cook until it is done – it should still have some bite.

Drain and then stir in two thirds of the crab sauce. Tip into a large bowl and spoon over the rest of the sauce. Season with a bit more pepper and then eat.

A large part of the pleasure came from the simplicity in the making and the powerful punch of the flavours after such a short time together.

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