Asparagus, cream & pasta

I mentioned Saturday night I forgot to cook the two packets of Asparagus I bought from Claremont Farm in the morning.

We had them this evening as part of a throwaway supper.

A large pan of water was brought to the boil. I snapped off the bottom ends of the asparagus and then cut them into pieces an inch long. Once the water was boiling it was salted and the asparagus were tipped in. I kept the tips behind.

After a couple of minutes the tips went in as well. They were given another minute and I then fished them all out. I did this rather than draining the water so I could cook the pasta in the water that had been lightly flavoured by the asparagus.

A packet of pasta went into the still boiling water. Ten minutes to go.

In a small pan I melted a pat of butter and cooked a couple of crushed cloves of garlic. As the garlic started to take on some colour I added the asparagus and gave it a stir. A tub of double cream was then stirred in. It was given a good grinding of pepper and some salt and then a few minutes to heat through. Just as the pasta was done I added some chopped tarragon.

Drained pasta and the asparagus cream mixture were then all stirred together and served in a large white bowl.

We listened to Miracle Legion. And then listened to them again.

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