I got told off the evening for boiling my potatoes.

The Spanish tortilla had been cooked and was on the side in the kitchen resting for a few minutes before being eaten.

As it sat there it was briefly admired by a friend but I was told that I should not have boiled the potatoes.

She was right of course. If I had been doing it properly I should have cooked the potatoes in hot olive oil before adding the onions and egg. But I was being lazy and truth be told I was more worried about whether the egg would stick to the bottom of the non-non-stick pan.

In the event it seems that the pan has managed to pick up sufficient seasoning over the last couple of years and it is now more or less non-stick and I was able to get the tortilla to slide out without too much mess.

I still cheated by using the grill to cook the top rather than go down the route of tipping it out onto a plate and then tipping it back in upside down.

Rather to my surprise we finished it all.

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