More excuses for opprobrium on the head of Boris Johnson

Go to the opening page of this blog where I set out a few words about The Sheep’s Head Food Company and you will see that one of the instigators for all that is on here was the vague idea that one day there would be an opportunity to import from West Cork to Birkenhead some of the fine cheeses, sausages, bacon and other good food we have every summer sat up from the beach in Ahakista.

It seems that one more nail has been driven into that particular coffin with the vote last week that we should leave the EU. Yet another good reason to heap all possible opprobrium on the head of Boris Johnson.

It seems as if the answer maybe to spend more time on the Rightmove website looking up suitable properties in Cork to move into.

In the meantime this evening I cooked up a pan of pasta in mushroom sauce for two.

An onion and some garlic was sweated in oil. As it took on colour chopped mushrooms were heaped in and put on a high heat until they started to wilt. In the meantime I had ground up some porcini mushroom pieces in salt and soaked them in water. They were added to the pan along with some chilli flakes, a couple of sage leaves and some thyme, tomato paste and a pinch of flour. Some more water was added from the pan in which the pasta was cooking until I had a thick sauce. It was then stirred into the drained pasta.


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