A warm embrace

The clouds have come down over the course of the last couple of days.

Last night enough of a crack was left in them for the light of a hidden moon to find it way down to create a silver pool through the dark in the middle of the bay.



The clouds have been thicker today but there has been little or no rain. Despite this the air is thick with moisture and on the short walk up to the pub this evening to fetch a pint it seemed to wrap around me in warm embrace.

The air has dampened all sound and quietened the seagulls. The only sound being the occaisional squawk from a pissed off heron disturbed from its hunting on the rocks at the bottom of the garden as I try to take a half decent photo of it.

2 thoughts on “A warm embrace

  1. A warm embrace to you and Andrea, congratulations on your SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Love, She. X

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    • Thanks She and thanks for the card – it was a very good day 25 years ago. We are now sat here watching the sun come out from what has been a very grey morning and preparing for a walk. Love all from the Cottage

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