Planting garlic

Today I got round to planting the garlic I had bought from Bantry Market more than two months ago.

I got to the stall on the last Friday of the holiday. I was grey and wet and I came away with a brown paper bag with about ten bulbs of garlic in it. When we got home it went into the basement and I almost forgot about it.

A few weeks ago I started to prepare for the planting by spreading a some bucketfuls of sludge from the bottom of the compost bin over part of the veg plot.

This morning I went down into the basement and spent time trying to find the brown paper bag. It had been moved as part of the general clear up for a party that took place last weekend.

Once the bag had been found the bulbs were split until I had a small bowl full of white and purple skinned cloves.

I planted them this afternoon six inches down for each of them fearful of squirrels that will no doubt be digging them up tomorrow.

Having done with the planting I went into the greenhouse and found a dozen chillies that has grown since last time I was in there despite the minimal care and attention they had received.

In the meantime we have been eating fish. Lunch was a soup made with white beans and smoked haddock and this evening we have had a fish curry.

We have spent most of the day listening to weird folk music and the snap crackle and darg of fireworks.





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